Universal Supports

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Universal Supports

Does your school or district require Universal Supports?  If not you should consider putting some in place.  You can tell the difference between a building that has Universal Supports and one that doesn’t just by walking down the hall.  Most Universal Supports are around behavior expectations, consequences and task completion.  Universal supports can also be generated around vocabulary development, general classroom procedures, announcements, group listening expectations and just about anything else that can be routine.

We tell parents to be consistent with rules and consequences so why shouldn’t we take our own advice.  I’ve worked in schools with and without Universal Supports especially around behavior expectations and consequences, it makes a big difference.  It is also nice to walk in to a classroom and know the behavior policy and expectations.

Does your school have any unique Universal Supports that you would like to share?  Has putting Universal Supports in place change the vibe in your building or school?


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  1. Paula Stone,M.S.,C.C.C.-SLP

    I would like to spend time discussing evaluation procedures for children who are severe to profound but chronologically are beyond the PLS 5.
    Thank you for considering this important discussion.

  2. Teresa Sadowski MA/SLP-ccc

    Excellent Suggestion! This is always a challenge. My short answer is to compare, document and narrate, This is where a language sample can come in handy. PPVT and EVT are also a good addition. I will put together an article about it and maybe we can get the conversation going. I have some sample evals where I have run into this but with older children. I find evaluation the easy part….the hard part is how to show progress.

    Thanks for looking at my blog

  3. Teresa Sadowski MA/SLP-ccc

    Hi Paula
    I wrote a short article on the topic of testing out of range students. I hope it helps. If you have something to share please add a comment. Any questions ask

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