Universal Supports II

Feb 10, 2012 by

I recently wrote a post on Universal Supports geared toward administrators.  I’ve worked in schools both with and without Universal Supports and I can tell you that those with Universal Supports run much smoother, fewer children have organizational difficulties and classrooms seem more manageable.  I want to know what kind of Universal Supports you school or district are using? In the school I currently work in they have a simple behavioral plan with levels.  If the child reaches the bottom level the consequences are clear. Not only do they spend time in the office doing independent work, there is detention involved and the possible loss of the fun weekly activity.  The students are clear on the school behavioral expectations.  Because of this, our principal can keep the attention and behavior of the whole school...

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Universal Supports

Feb 4, 2012 by

Does your school or district require Universal Supports?  If not you should consider putting some in place.  You can tell the difference between a building that has Universal Supports and one that doesn’t just by walking down the hall.  Most Universal Supports are around behavior expectations, consequences and task completion.  Universal supports can also be generated around vocabulary development, general classroom procedures, announcements, group listening expectations and just about anything else that can be routine. We tell parents to be consistent with rules and consequences so why shouldn’t we take our own advice.  I’ve worked in schools with and without Universal Supports especially around behavior expectations and consequences, it makes a big difference.  It is also nice to walk in to a classroom and know the behavior policy and expectations. Does your school have...

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