About Me

About Me

I’ve had the pleasure of working with children as a Speech Language Pathologist for the past 39

AmazonAmazon years.  In 1984, I received my Masters Degree from Eastern Michigan University.  Soon after my husband and I relocated to the Boston Area.  I’ve worked in a variety of programs, mostly within the public school systems North of Boston.  I’ve serviced children from birth through high school.

In 2007, I started my first blog Your Middle Schooler:  A Unique Age.  At that time there was very little information out there about middle school language development.  My own three boys were going through middle school as I was servicing middle school students, so I came away with a very unique perspective.  While I enjoyed writing about middle schoolers and their language development, I wanted to write about other issues involving Speech Language Therapy in the schools.  I was also becoming extremely frustrated that so few educators and administrators knew what we did and what a good resource we were.  Thus “The School Speech Therapist” was born.

Education has changed a lot over my 27 years.  I had the privilege of seeing my town’s first group of integrated preschoolers begin and then graduate from high school.  I can remember when there was only one computer in each classroom.  I can also remember when there was more teaching and less teaching to the test.  That statement should tell you that I haven’t agreed with all changes in education.  The changes within the Speech Language Pathology realm have been just as drastic but the kids we service really haven’t changed at all.  They have the same language needs, we just know how to service them better these days as a team.

I am currently employed part time in a public school setting, servicing a small grade school population and testing at the middle school level.  This past year I also provide consultation in a couple of school systems for services and evaluations.

Thank you for taking a look at my blog The School Speech Therapist.  I hope you find it informative.  I would very much like this to become an interactive blog.  Feel free to pose any questions or concerns either through the contact page, comments or e-mail theschoolspeechtherapist@gmail.com

Teresa Sadowski MA/SLP-ccc

February 2012

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