Smart Goals made easy

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Smart Goals made easy

Hey SLPs

If you are thinking about your personal “smart goal” for the next school year you might want to check out my site on Teachers Pay Teachers.   A few years back the SLPs in my district were asked to put together a short in-service for teaching assistants about the role of the SLP in schools, students we work with and how they can support language development in the classroom. This was to satisfy one of our “smart goal” requirements.  Since I did put a little bit of work into it I decided to make it available on TPT.  The in-service is titled Speech and Language Services In Schools In-service for Teaching AssistantsIt is made up of a presenter’s packet and a packet for participants.  The in-service is appropriate for all levels through middle school.  When I presented this in-service I supplemented with generic guidelines for over language development/language expectations based on the ages the participants were working with.  It is a quick and easy in-service.  Administrators are always looking for appropriate in-services for assistants/paraprofessionals.

The other “smart goal” activity I presented was to write a monthly/bimonthly blurb in the school newsletter on language development and what parents could do to engage and encourage their child’s language. Several of these can also be found in my TPT store, The School Speech Therapist.  They are available in Word so they can be edited to fit your newsletter or if you have other words of wisdom.

I would love to hear about other smart goal ideas.  So many SLPs think they have to reinvent the wheel or take copious amounts of data to achieve their smart goal.  Reality is it does not have to be that challenging and there is no reason not to share ideas.

One year many of my students had an objective to share 1-2 experiences.  I made that one of my student smart goals, that every student would share experience information during each session.  (They also had to show that the listened to each other by retelling others experiencesJ) That was so easy to keep track of and that’s how we started therapy.

I would love to hear about other personal and student based smart goals that have worked well.



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