I am a leader

Nov 18, 2016 by

I am a leader

I’ve had quite a long day here at ASHA. I’m just about ready to fall asleep at the computer. Usually I don’t go in for the rah rah of welcome ceremonies but I am sure glad I went this morning. ASHA brought in a wonderful motivational speaker named Drew Dudley. He spoke about leadership and basically how we should all consider ourselves leaders. If you get a chance check him out on Ted talks but hopefully ASHA will put his talk on the ASHA website. Anyway it was a nice way to start my day.

I got two sessions in today. The first one was given by an Audiologist named Jeanane Ferre on CAPD. She did a very good job of explaining different aspects of CAPD and even provided goal and objective samples. It was an excellent presentation. The second one was encorporating music with patients with severe brain trauma. I remember learning (or realizing) the music connection to language development/recovery back in college. It is almost sinful that thirty years later it still isn’t standard practice or encorporated more often. Some of their patient videos were amazing.

So what else did I do all day? I attended a Sig 16 meeting (where I won a free affiliation membership for a year), listened to a variety of poster sessions, went to the PR Lounge reception (tomorrow I am going back to get my picture taken as part of their campagine to promote our CCCs), went through all the vendor booths and went to a very well attended SLP blogger meet and greet. My only dissapointment there is that it was too loud and crowded to meet and greet anyone. No one was really facilitating anything but they gave away a lot of prizes. I will try to stop by their booth tomorrow I think to make that connection.

Most important I got to meet up with an old friend, we had a nice little chat and planned dinner for tomorrow night.

I did pass out a couple of my books and a few of my cards so I’ll see if anything comes of that. All and all it was a fun and deucational day. I’m all planned for tomorrow and looking forward to getting up early and get moving. Looking forward to setting up my poster session at 6:00 tomorrow evening. Don’t forget to stop by my poster session I have a rack card for to give your administrator.

The only thing I’m going to do differently tomorrow is to eat a huge breakfast. I was starving by mid day:)


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