ASHA Day 3

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ASHA Day 3

So how did day three end at ASHA? Saturday seemed to be a very low energy day at ASHA. If I was someone who was only able to go for one day, Saturday would have been very disappointing. I did go to some very good sessions but nothing special was going on.

As I mentioned I listened to Wayne Secord speak in the early morning then went to a session on struggling writers presented by Melissa Feller. Melissa and I met later on the plane ride home and had a chance to chat. Turned out we had many mutual acquaintances in common. Small world.

I finally presented my poster session. I only had about 10-15 people come up and talk to me during the hour and a half so that was a little disappointing. I really wanted more people to get my rack card handout for administrators. However, those 10-15 people were very interested and felt the topic needed to be highlighted. Several people mentioned that their districts were working on developing a workload model. I hope someone somewhere has some success developing on that will work. I’ll be working on some blog posts in the future around the comments I received

There just wasn’t a lot of foot traffic going through the poster hall during my session and then the venue promptly kicked us out at 2:00. Actually shut off the lights so there was no time to linger. That was really disappointing.

Needless to say I have a ton of rack cards left. If you really wanted one send me a self addressed stamped envelope and I will mail you a few.
Teresa Sadowski
6 Birch Lane
Ipswich, MA 01938
If you want more than 10 shoot me an email at

ASHA was a successful trip for me. I spoke to a lot of like minded folks, made some connections, saw some amazing and fun products, met up with an old friend, introduced advocacy for SLPs, got some very positive feedback and picked up some very good information. I wish I could have stayed a few more days to see a little bit of the city.


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