ASHA Day 3

Nov 20, 2016 by

So how did day three end at ASHA? Saturday seemed to be a very low energy day at ASHA. If I was someone who was only able to go for one day, Saturday would have been very disappointing. I did go to some very good sessions but nothing special was going on. As I mentioned I listened to Wayne Secord speak in the early morning then went to a session on struggling writers presented by Melissa Feller. Melissa and I met later on the plane ride home and had a chance to chat. Turned out we had many mutual acquaintances in common. Small world. I finally presented my poster session. I only had about 10-15 people come up and talk to me during the hour and a half so that was a little disappointing....

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Doing things differently

Nov 19, 2016 by

Morning session listening to Wayne Secore speak on practical classroom performance assessment. Talking about a different way to assess using the celf observational rating scale. Great information and humorous check out my first impression of the celf 5 Please stop by and visit my poster today. Board 273. Rack card for administrators...

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