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Nov 16, 2016 by

I’m very excited to be traveling to ASHA 2016 today. I’m all set to go except for a few last minute details. I’ve already asked my husband to make sure I don’t forget to take my poster with me. My biggest fear is that I’m going to leave the poster somewhere since I’m not use to carrying around a tube. No I’m pretty sure I’ll keep the poster pretty close to me the whole trip.

Of course I’m wondering if there will be any interest in my poster session. It’s basically about self advocacy and recent personal experience tell me this is something greatly needed in our field. It is something I’ve worked on for years without much buy in from colleagues who are just trying to get through their day. Most of my work with administrators has fallen on deaf ears and we need to change that.

I’m hoping to get to Philly with a couple of hours of daylight to spare so I can see the city a little bit. ASHA sent an email warning us about political protests going on and to be cautious. I’m really not concerned, I don’t think SLPs are threatening targets. My experience is that most of us are too busy to even bring the subject up.

Apparently attendance for ASHA 2016 will shatter previous records. 15,000 SLPs and Audiologists are defending upon the city. I am looking forward to meeting some very friendly, interesting and like minded therapists the next few days.

Looking forward to attending the first timers meeting this evening. I figured since it’s been 29 years since my last convention It might be a good thing to go. Unless something more fun comes up.

Oh one last thing. I will have a few copies of my book available if anyone is interested. $10 if you want a copy while at ASHA.

Hope to see you there
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