Otterbox is still the way to go…When using electronics with kids

Feb 5, 2014 by

Otterbox is still the way to go…When using electronics with kids

Back in July I wrote an article on Protecting Your Electronics.  I strongly suggested an Otterbox case for iPads, when working with children.  I’ve used this case for almost a year and other than it being a little big and bulky, I am still very pleased with it.

A couple of weeks ago needed to contact Otterbox customer service because the stand up holder inside the removable top broke.  I was still able to use it but it wouldn’t always stay in place.  I believe I broke it not one of my students.  I filled out a form on line and provided them with a picture of the broken piece.  Within a week or so I had a new top for my iPad Otterbox case.

The procedure was simple, Otterbox kept in contact with me and the replacement part arrived on time.  Next time I need a case for anything, I’ll be looking for an Otterbox.

Now they all come in such fun colors!

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  1. Christina990

    Exactly, for kids, a battery case is a better option. For adults, external battery charger would be a better fit. I have a RavPower 14000mAh battery charger and it powers up my phones and tabs which is a perfect one.

  2. Teresa Sadowski MA/SLP-ccc

    Your right, it is challenging to find an convenient outlet in most schools, facilities and homes. I try to give my iPad a good charge the night before and it usually gets me through the day. If you use the iPad for all record keeping, I can see where it might run out of juice. I know my old phone often comes close.

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