Could you make a change

Jul 28, 2012 by

Could you make a change

A few weeks back and elderly friend of mine had a stroke.  I guess if you have to have a stroke it’s the was the kind you might want to have.  I don’t remember the exact name of the type of stroke but she had no paralysis or unilateral weakness.  She clearly had some (short term) memory loss and word retrieval.  She can have a conversation, remember things from the past and can care for her personal needs.  However, sadly her sharp tongue is gone.

After listening to her daughters explanation of her language skills and needs I gathered up some of my materials and stopped in for a visit.  While I felt bad for my friend, I found her language and personality changes fascinating.  I left some of my books so they could practice some language exercises such as word retrieval, recognizing idioms and problem solving.  Her son who was visiting at the time asked me, “How do you know this stuff?”

I’ve always been hesitant to work in other settings because I didn’t feel I had the knowledge and the experience.  But guess what it’s like riding a bike.  Language therapy is language therapy.  I’m actually thinking of picking up some extra time at the local rehab center/nursing home.  After all we were trained to work with the rehab and older populations.  Yes I would need some guidance but I realize it’s knowledge I have.

Most therapists I know go from rehab into schools.  Have you ever considered working with the older populations?  Is this something you do now to supplement your income.  How about out patient therapy with older folks?  I would love to know how that works for you.

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