“Brain Training Programs” Any Experience?

Aug 21, 2012 by

Can anyone comment on their experience using brain training programs such as Fast ForWord, Lumosity, Attengo?  I have a follower considering using this type of programming with her 8th grade son who has ADHD – inattentive type and difficulty with language comprehension.  They would love to hear your experience, if you thought it made a difference, if it is appropriate for older middle school students and is it worth the cost?  The student doesn’t qualify for services at school but has a 504 plan and could possibly use in-school time for this kind of training.  Are these types of programs effective and what type of student generally benefits the most?



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  1. Computer based brain games are not intense enough to make permanent changes to
    the brain to make a positive impact on a child’s brain for academic changes.

  2. Bud

    I subscribed this summer to both AttenGo and Lumosity for my Grade 6 child with ADHD. My advice is to first try the free “Dual N-Back” programs such as at http://brainworkshop.sourceforge.net. Since NO software has been scientifically proven to help with ADHD, it is better to first try free alternatives such as Dual N-Back which will at least improve your child’s working memory, if not the ADHD itself.

    When school starts, I can give an update if AttenGo/Lumosity has made any difference. I can also answer any specific questions about these programs.

  3. I have been doing my research on this and will be releasing the information I have collected in about two weeks. Visit my facebook page Brain Train ADHD for updates.

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