Bags! Bags! We love bags!

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Bags! Bags!  We love bags!

Every so often the topic of “Which bag is best” come up on an SLP Facebook page. No matter what setting you’re in SLP’s need bags. I doubt many of us could function with out 2-3 or 10 good bags at our disposal. Having a bag that is functional and of course stylish is the main goal of any serious SLP.
I personally can’t leave the house without at least 4 bags hanging across my body and both arms. Each morning when I load up the term “Pack Mule” comes to mind.


Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 5.27.10 PMSo what bags do SLPs need?

  1. A big bag to shlep our daily materials from place to place. The younger the students the more physical materials we need, the bigger the bag.
  2. A bag to keep our files organized. We need 24/7 access to our paperwork since a good chunk is always done at home
    A bag to bring our office wherever we go. These days our office is much more than just a day planner. Our computers and iPads and phones need to be protected. We carry all our cords and external chargers. Given the way we work we still need all those old school office supplies too.
  3. A lunch bag big enough to back two meals, a snack and thermos. No time to stop, no time to go anywhere, little time to heat up and school cafes are not usually an option.
  4. Our purse, we still need our stuff (Guys not so much…lucky them)
  5. One large empty bag to help shift materials around or to try and consolidate so you only need to make one trip into the building.

After that last Facebook discussion on bags I decided to share some of the styles suggested. My own personal choice leans toward the medium canvas LL Bean Bag with long handles. I keep one for each setting I work in. My computer and files fit in well with some room to spare. The medium bag is also big enough for some smaller kid materials. I’ll use a larger Bean Bag or my ADK Packworks bag (which doubles as my grocery bag) if I have larger materials or tests to shlep. I also have several smaller pouch type bags for cords, office supplies, personal items, and stickers. Below are some of the bags mentioned as preferred by SLPs.

31 Large Utility Bag-This bag was mentioned several times and comes in many fun patterns

Lands End School Uniform Large Bag-this is very similar to the LL Bean bags I like to use

Roxy Woman’s Story Teller Shoulder Bag

Scout Bags-many cute styles and colors

Hobby Lobby Rolling Craft Bag-Not sure which style the SLP reporting was referring to but the rolling craft bags or carts have usually have lots of smaller compartments for all the little things we use. I’ve noticed more and more teachers using the rolling carts. I’ve also seen them struggle up stairs, even though we’re in accessable buildings.

Vera Bradley Carried Away Tote-You’re either a Vera Bradley fan or you’re not. However, this bag looks roomy. I wonder how the seams hold up.

Kelty Zippered Bags-The Kelty products look very strong. I couldn’t find the exact product the SLP mentioned but it look like three bags that fit into one. Not sure it had handels or not. Let me keep looking

Longaberger Craft Keeper Basket-This is a really cute idea. I own one Longaberger basket and do like it as a decorative piece. To make this work you would have to be a very savvy shopper, finding one on ebay or similar site. I use old baskets all the time in my office. You would also have to be fairly organized and have a special place in your car or office for it.

One person suggested picking up the free bags from Super Duper. I guess they’re pretty good and only found at ASHA

INC bags-again not sure which one was suggested many nice styles.

ADK Packworks-this doubles as a grocery bag

LLBean Bags-available at LLBean

I don’t think we’re ever going to get away from carrying our “speech stuff” around. If we have to carry bags we might as well do it in style. Maybe one of our eentrapaurnal colleagues with a family member in the luggage business will design a matching set of bags just for SLP’s. Light weight, functional and stylish bags that could rival Coach or Louie Vuitton, but be within an SLPs budget. So what is your favorite therapy bag and why?

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