Nov 23, 2012 by

Last Monday the day after posting my first article on PPVT/EVT vs. ROWPVT/EOWPVT I was reviewing previous testing on a student and couldn’t believe my eyes.  Only 3 year ago, a therapist actually used the PPVT/EOWPVT combo when assessing a student.  I haven’t seen that in years. The comparison of the scores was PPVT 84 and EOWPVT 94.  General receptive skills fell in the average to below average range and general expressive skills fell almost consistently in the below average range.  This is the exact pattern we use to see in the old days.  Everything falling quite a bit lower than the EOWPVT. Now the ROWPVT/EOWPVT was updated in 2011 so perhaps that pattern doesn’t show up anymore.  I just thought it was funny to see that right after putting the  PPVT/EVT vs. ROWPVT/EOWPVT...

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